Nearly 15 years ago, I was very lost in life and I wandered on to Craigslist one evening..... I noticed a particular high quality vintage road bike that I had seen listed for multiple months prior (a 1970's Windsor Professional)..... So, I decided to send the seller an offer..... The very next night, I rode my bike about 10 minutes west of my childhood home and met the original owner of the dusty bike in his garage, where it had been in storage, sitting unused for decades. We made the deal and I double rode that new-to-me bike back home. Little did I know that this would quickly turn into a passion and obsession for me -- One that I would dedicate most of my time to, consistently, for years to come and one that would become a career path..... It was an interest that I knew just about nothing regarding previous to that evening, but would self-teach, relentlessly-research and gain experience in it on my own.

Back to the story..... So, I had successfully bought my very first vintage road bike in the High Park Neighbourhood of Toronto with intentions to lightly restore / clean, take it apart and perhaps sell the frame on it's own (as I knew people liked using the frames for fixed gear / single speed projects)..... A couple weeks later, after successfully cleaning up the frame and selling it (and making a little money), I neatly listed a few of the Campagnolo parts (after meticulously cleaning them), really not thinking much of it...... I had an overwhelming response from eager buyers and the next day, everything was gone. I had turned a great profit, in just a short period and this was a great thing for me! A new love, idea and opportunity instantly clicked for me and since that time, thousands of high quality classic road bikes have passed through my hands, all bought and sold locally...... Some of those bikes, dating back about a decade (or more) since I picked them up from peoples garages and basements, still remain in my possession.

I had started with only a few hundred dollars to my name and just a couple years after that fateful evening, I had enough success, knowledge, confidence + product (to sell / display) to open my little retail store on College Street..... It was more of a clubhouse and location for people to pick up the items I was selling on Craigslist..... But nonetheless, it was a shop, just not a normal one! Now, well over a decade later, it's where I remain and where I still feel excited to be, around tons of cool classic bicycles + parts. My shop has never been traditional, but I do just as I desire and it has worked for me!

In the years following, my business grew into opportunities to buy and sell more modern road bikes + equipment on a liquidation sort of level, and that's where I shifted much of my focus to as they offered the best profits along with the swiftest turn-over...... However, I never stopped buying and selling classic bikes, consistently.

My excitement really doesn't come from selling classic bikes, but rather it comes from the buying process. Each bike I purchase has a different story, a different lead, a different path, a different destination and a different conclusion. I still get as excited about cool bike leads as I did in my first year of looking for them! "It's a constant treasure hunt and I am always finding treasure!" was always a motto of mine! One thing I have always stuck to however is to buy locally and sell locally..... That is how I will remain.

I love cleaning up and displaying these bikes and often it really doesn't matter to me when or if they even sell. The biggest priority, concern and interest for me since day 1 was always about ORIGINAL CONDITION! Nothing is more important for me or excites me more than bikes (of any age, brand, quality or cost) than ones that are truly SPOTLESS! My standards are high and I love possessing and displaying the cleanest condition, original bicycles available! I think that it really makes my product different & more special!

Unfortunately, the pandemic has had a foul affect on my business due to supply issues and my opportunities to buy the most common product I sell, which is the more modern bicycles + equipment at discounts..... So, for the first time ever, with more time that I have now, I am making nearly all of my classic bikes available to look at and potentially purchase in the form of a website + catalogue! It will always be a work in progress as I come up with new ideas and add new products regularly. I just hope you enjoy what I have put together so far!